Friday, December 25, 2015

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I may use some "colorful language" here and there, so read at your own risk.

Ever since I was little, I can remember not really caring for sports or anything active. I am pretty agile and energetic (brown genes), so it's somewhat surprising to think why I never pursued anything to compliment those aspects of myself. Of course, my schooling had a minor impact on the lack of sports activity, plus my family was limited on funds.

My high school was so small we didn't have enough people for teams of any sport. However, they made up for the lack of a sports program by taking us on "outings" which were outdoor trips that could last anywhere from 2-5 days. I know, teens outdoors for more than a few hours? How the hell did they do it? It was a matter of planning and execution.

Whether we visited some amazing campground in the mountains of beautiful Colorado or biked the majestic scenery of Moab, my high school would make an effort to create an unforgettable experience for us. Granted, as a teen I would not realize the impression these trips would have on me until my later years. Because of the outings, I grew up with a great sense of respect and gratitude for mother nature and the joys of the outdoor active lifestyle. Cheesy but true.

This blog is a bit about my experience with the outdoors and fitness. I will rant about products that I have tried in order to aid my ever-growing active interests, jot down my opinions on recovery, training and various health related information, and now and then I will showcase my artwork/fitness clothing line. That's how much I like the outdoors. I am currently in the middle of trying to find my niche within the fitness industry. I like helping people and while I study for my PT certification, I wonder how I can set myself apart from the corporate-style trainers; the overly curvaceous, rigid and superficial fakes. My mission is to help others change their habits in order to live happier and healthier. So, with that said, this is a new chapter I hope to begin for 2016.

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